So, it’s safe to say, when a business has a website built, well, some will want the cheapest website they can get- problem with that is, well it might just be cheaply built as well!

Which means, the finer details, like internal links, well they might be lacking or done rather poorly, which can mean the businesses organic seo, well, its not as strong as it could be.

In this article, we are going to talk about what internal links are, what anchor text is, why whenever your adding links, you must think of helping your customers, its not just about trying to improve seo, and why everything you do, whether it’s adding an internal link, or any other part of the SEO process, why every single bit must be white hat.

As you’ve probably seen, we always say to follow Google’s WebMaster rules, or whichever search engine that you are optimising your business for, so this means, when writing anchor text, and internal links, it has to be done in a “white hat way”.

What exactly is internal linking?

Let’s say that you run an e-commerce website, and you make and absolutely delicious chocolate brownies, and other deserts, whereby the shopper can sign up to a subscription where they get these treats delivered to their door every week.

Now the deserts that you make, not your run-of-the-mill type of deserts, they are luxury, they are made from some of the best ingredients that you can source from around the entire world.

Because of this you are making a premium product, and therefore the prices higher, but you need to justify this by explaining that is what goes into making the chocolate brownies are simply superior to many other companies.

So, for example you might write an article, about how you are also now making chocolate brownies with white chocolate chips and fudge and also caramel within, and this you are writing the article, you might want to use links to other products that you sell the have the same ingredients, example the chocolatey use might be 70% cocoa, and this also goes into making the cookies, so you might want to have a link to the cookie page as well.

Therefore you have used an internal link, an internal link can therefore help to keep shoppers on your website, because they might be reading about one product, and then go and look at another product which they might add to their basket, therefore it’s a way of helping shoppers to find other products or services that you sell, if internal links are used correctly it can help to reduce the website’s bounce rate, improve the time on-site, they might actually help you as a business thus are more deserts.

Why do various SEO agencies use internal linking?

Many SEO agencies, including ours, therefore use internal links on a regular basis, for example in 1000-word article that we have written, the say a business that sells ladders, we might have three links to different types of ladders the company also sells, such as stepladders, roof ladders and also ladders for electricians for example.

How can it sometimes have to reduce a business’s bounce rate?

Quite simply put, shoppers want to find the product or the service that they want quickly, if they can’t, they can’t get to what they want to buy with ease, then they are likely to leave your company website, this contributes to a higher bounce rate, if they leave on visiting the first page.

However, if you hire the right SEO agencies, and they’re really clever in putting internal links in the right places, then this can help shoppers define what they want, easier, which can help to reduce the bounce rate.

So, for example, let’s say that you sell running trainers, and you know that there is one particular brand that sells really well, so if you were to put this on the home page, let’s say on a slider that the customer can click on then you know that they are going to find that brand of trainer easily, and therefore this could help to reduce the company’s bounce rate.

How many internal links should I be using per page?

Here’s the thing, you should use internal links when they help the shopper, for example when they make it easier to find the product or a service, you should therefore be used to help a customer to easily find what they want, and this must be done in a white hat way

Why it’s important not to over optimise the anchor text

You should only write the anchor text in a white hat way.

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