Most seo agencies would agree that the most important page on a website is it’s homepage.

A homepage can either act as a way for visitors to quickly find what they are looking for, or it can be a reason that a website incurs a high bounce rate.

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What is a homepage?

A homepage is the main page of a website, it’s often where the main navigation is located, and this is where visitor go to in order to navigate around a website.

Why must my homepage load quickly?

A slow loading website can mean that rankings will suffer, and the website is likely to have a much higher bounce rate.

A website will need to load quickly if it wants to rank at the top of Google, or the other major search engines.

Why can some sliders slow a website down?

It’s common for most websites today to have a slider, this is quite simply a set of images that slide across the homepage in order to promote the company.

However some sliders can slow the website right down, which can mean that the website doesn’t rank as well, or suffers from a high bounce rate.

Why is it considered important to have text on the homepage?

Some websites are designed in Cardiff just to look good, this can mean they may have the wow-factor, but in terms of how they are configured for seo purposes, they may well be quite poor in their overall design.

This is why its well worth taking recommendations from a Cardiff seo business, or asking an seo consultant for advice while your website is being built.

Why must my websites navigation be easy to use?

At Top Space we find one of the primary reasons why so many websites receive high bounce rates is because visitors struggle to find what they want quickly.

This may well be because the products or services are not arranged in such a way that they are easy to find. We also find that on some e-commerce websites when they first arrive at our agency may well be designed in such a way that its difficult to sort items.

For example a shoe website, where it’s difficult to sort by size, colour and wide fitting shoes.

The more options you give customers, often the longer they stay on a website, so the bounce rates can decrease.

Why are bounce rates so important?

If your website has a high bounce rate it means that visitors are leaving your website quickly, this can be bad for business, but it can also be bad for seo.