Whether your relaxing on your sofa after work, or in a business meeting and you have a tablet with you, and your looking for a company to help supply new products for your business- mobile devices just make it much easier to find products or services that you need.

Yet, with this convenience comes a price for businesses, that is if you own a website how can you optimise your businesses website so that it improves it’s organic SEO on mobile devices, such as smartphones?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, let us tell you a bit more about how mobile SEO works.

Overtaken desktop searches

Whether you sell lightbulbs or mattresses online, there’s one fact that businesses can not get away from, that is the amount of searches on mobile devices, such as smartphones has now overtaken desktop searches.

And does our digital marketing agency think this will change anytime soon?

No, we don’t, and we think more and more people will use their smartphones and mobile devices, like their tablets rather than a desktop, so as a business owner, or an SEO agency we must adapt.

So, what this means is ever since the “Mobile First” update by Google, the search engine will now index the mobile version of your website first.

So for example, let’s say you run a car dealership here in Cardiff, now Googlebot, that’s what Google uses to crawl and index the web, will first index the mobile version of your website.

The problem with “content thin” websites

Did you opt for a rather cheap website?

That’s to say, did you opt for the cheapest web design quote when you were having your website designed?

Well, often the web designer will not have the time to build an intricate website, which sometimes means there’s very limited text that’s written on the mobile version of your website.

This may mean that when Googlebot crawls the mobile version of say your used car dealership, they may just read “used cars” – Here at something, something cars we only stocked quality used cars. We also have a showroom that’s undercover, so come rain or shine you can browse our selection of quality approved used cars”.

Which is great, but its rather generic, meaning that when Googlebot crawls and indexes that website, well, your business will look like the hundreds of other businesses here in Wales.

So how do you standout?

Well, a car dealer that’s taken the advice of a white hat SEO agency, like Top Space will know that the website should offer useful advice, the information about the cars should offer the following:

·        Unique text, so not duplicated

·        A good description on each car, not just one or two lines

·        Ever green pages should have unique text that describes your business and what it can offer

·        There should be meta titles, meta descriptions, alt text for each page

·        The text should be well-written and follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

·        The website should be well-designed, for example fast, easy to use, have a good menu

So, for a business to standout, and in this example we used a car dealership, the website must offer useful information.

If the text is duplicated, or “content thin” meaning not much information then Google’s algorithm is more than likely to deem the website as low-quality, which means that the business will appear lower down the SERP’s.

March 2018 Mobile First Indexing

Google announced in March 2018 that it was going to start migrating sites over to mobile first indexing. And in July 2019 Google has stated that it would move new websites over to mobile first indexing as the default for all new websites, and some sites are still being moved over.

This is why its crucial that the mobile version of your company’s website is well-designed, here are some of the criteria for what we mean by well-designed:

·        Googlebot must be able to crawl and index the information

·        Must be fast, you may wish to invest in an AMP version of the website

·        The mobile version must have good quality, white hat content marketing

·        The mobile version of the website must be fast, if its slow, then this could mean that your business has a high bounce rate

·        There should be good calls to action, so when your business does get visitors via your organic rankings, that you are able to convert these visitors into paying customers


Migrate sites over

To check when your site was moved over to the mobile first index, you can simply check your companies Google Search Console account.

As a white hat agency here in Cardiff, we strongly recommend that businesses obtain a Google Analytics account plus also a Google Search Console account.

Google Analytics can provide a lot of really useful data for your business, or your marketing company.

For example, in terms of visitors to your website, how many are using a mobile device, for example a tablet or a mobile? If you do not have many visitors showing in your company’s Google Analytics account showing that they have used a mobile or a tablet to visit your company’s website, then this may well be something that your SEO company should look at improving, for example does the bounce rate need to be lowered, does the design of the mobile version of the website need to change?

Or does the content marketing for your website need to improve, is the mobile version of your website content thin, could the seo agency improve the evergreen content marketing?

What does “mobile first indexing mean”?

Mobile first indexing simply means that the mobile version of your website is what the search engines uses to rank your site.

So, this means that your SEO business must ensure that your business has a mobile version of the website and you should then improve the website, so by that we mean apply white hat SEO to the website.


Website design really matters, as some businesses may not have a mobile version of their website.

If they have then it may well be very basic, which means that there’s not much text, and the website has not been built with white hat SEO in mind, so you should work with a white hat agency.


Your businesses website must be responsive, this simply means that no matter if your website is put onto a tablet or a smartphone, the website can resize to the size of that screen.

How our SEO company can help:

We are a white hat SEO business that’s based in Cardiff, we work with many different businesses.

We can offer white hat SEO, so why not give our agency a call?