You may have heard why backlinks are so important to white hat seo countless times, yet you may not have heard of why anchor text is so important.

However it’s often the smaller ranking signals, that can sometimes give you that edge over your competitors within Cardiff.

We will now explain why anchor text is important to seo, but also why it’s important to get this area of optimisation correct.

What does anchor text mean?

Have you ever been on a website, then clicked on a line of text, or sometimes just a few words of text, which have then like magic taken you to another website? If so, you have followed a backlink.

And the text you click on is called the backlinks anchor text, and it is read by Googlebot, which is a piece of code that Google uses to crawl and index websites.

For example, if you sell luxury sports cars, and the anchor text states a manufacturer of cars, then this can be used to inform Google that your website is relevant for that make of car.

Why is a backlinks anchor text useful to search engine optimisation?

The anchor text can be a helpful pointer to Google’s algorithm as to what is the link between the website that is pointing the backlink towards your site.

For example, is the first website point the backlink at your website, because it wants to show people where a certain sports car is being sold. If so, then your website could become more relevant for that make of sports car.

Why shouldn’t a backlinks anchor text be over optimised?

If the anchor text is over optimised then the website could suffer from receiving a link penalty.

What exactly is Google’s Penguin update?

Google’s Penguin update penalises websites which use poor quality methods of seo, or have built links which are over optimised or look like spam.