Part of any winning seo strategy is to have high-powered, relevant, and quality backlinks flowing to your website.

In digital marketing this form of link building allows your site to increase the “link juice” or “link equity” that your site receives.

It’s important to remember that links are only one part of any search engine optimisation strategy, and for an effective strategy you have to couple this with many other ranking signals.


Why are backlinks so important when it comes to delivering an effective online marketing strategy?


Links are like electrical wires, the more powerful the wires that flow to your site, the more power the website will have.

But just like wires which can send the wrong form of power, so an appliance malfunctions, your website and its links are no different.

For example, a ton of low quality links, and even sometimes just a small number of the wrong type of links, will adversely affect a websites performance.

So the answer is simple, we only therefore build Penguin friendly high quality backlinks. That is why so many businesses within Cardiff and across the U.K trust us.

These are built manually, and will have a strategy in terms of why they are being built. So we only hand select the links that we build.

Building links for the sake of building links is a dead practice. It’s now about quality over quantity. If you flout this rule then Google’s Penguin update could demote your website in search


How do you sell your back link services?


Normally we build backlinks as part of a strategy, which is sold as part of a fixed monthly fee.

If you require more links then additional rates can be added to the monthly fee.

We will advise you on what we feel is the best strategy for your business to take when you contact us.