A lot of marketing agencies jump straight into optimising a website without having a strategy. At Top Space we believe it’s vital to have a strategy, otherwise the marketing agency may not understand how much work is needed to overtake the competition.

Why is it important to form an online marketing strategy from the start?

Google ranks websites based on the strength of what are called “ranking signals”. If your website has stronger ranking signals than the competition, then your website will move up the ranks.

However, there are not just one or two ranking signals, there are thought to be well over 200.

This is why your marketing agency should audit your competitors, work out why their websites are ranking high, and then offer the same approach to optimising your website, in a white hat way.

What is white hat seo?

White hat seo is the correct way of optimising a website. If your business invests in anything less than white hat methods, then the website may incur a Google Penalty or another type of penalty that is imposed by other search engines.

Why is it important to form a content marketing strategy?

Your digital marketing agency should understand what information your customers want, and then integrate that knowledge into a content marketing strategy.

For instance, if you run a dental practice, your marketing agency must focus on what would be the best information to offer, that will help the businesses seo, will increasing the chances of the website building natural backlinks.

Why is it important to form a link building strategy?

A link building strategy is important because backlinks are considered one of the most important types of ranking signal.

Your marketing agency should work out which types of websites they plan to build backlinks from.

Why is it important to have a strategy for how the websites onsite seo will be improved?

Onsite seo is an important area for your marketing consultant to consider, this means that sometimes a websites meta descriptions, title tags and other onsite elements need to be overhauled and optimised.