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Whether your business is implementing organic SEO yourself or you have hired a agency, the SEO work should follow Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Within this article we are going to make it clear why businesses should only invest in top-quality SEO.


Why should  you adhere to Google’s Webmaster guidelines?


Okay, we would strongly recommend that you or your appointed agency, or who ever is doing seo on your behalf follows the Webmaster Guidelines.

Now, Google is not the only search engine, so if you are optimising your company website for Google, then you should follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, yet if you are optimising for another search engine, then you must also follow their rules.

If you do not, well, you may incur low-quality seo, this simply means that your business could incur a penalty.

So many businesses have incurred for example Google Penguin penalties, that’s because the business has low-quality links, so that’s just one example of how a business can incur a penalty.


So, in a nutshell, only invest in quality, quality seo that’s white hat.


So, how does Google issue penalties?


Well, its not like a parking fine, that’s to say, your not going to see a letter come through the post, no with Google penalties, your website can incur a manual, or an algorithmic penalty, and in both cases it can mean that your website drops, in terms of where it ranks.

So, lets say that you run a company, lets say that you run a construction business, and your company was on the first page of the SERP’s for lets say “builders Wales”- yet once your business incurs a penalty, well it will drop, it will unlikely to be on the first page of Google, it might drop to say page 10 of Google’s results.

Also, some businesses which incur a penalty, for example lets say a Google Penguin penalty, well, those businesses may not just drop, in terms of where the company ranks, it may for example, be totally removed from Google.

So, where the business was once first for “builders in Wales” in the SERP’s now, after the Google penalty, you cant find the company at all on Google at all, and that is sometimes because the company has incurred a penalty, such a Google Penguin penalty.

What’s a manual penalty?


So, sometimes a business will incur what is called a manual Google penalty.

This just simply means that the business has had a manual penalty imposed upon it, that’s to say somebody at Google, may have looked at the companies back links, saying that the company has let’s say for example thousands of low quality links, so therefore a manual penalty as been imposed upon the business.

This can mean that the business drops down the ranks, it could also mean that the business is removed from Google.


Why are some penalties names “Penguin” penalties or “Panda penalties”?


A lot of seo penalties are given names, such as the Google Penguin, penalty.

For example a Google Penguin penalty relates to a business having low quality back links.

However with that said, there are many other types of penalties.

This is why a business should only invest in high-quality SEO.

Every single aspect of the organic SEO, whether that is writing the “anchor text”, right through to building good-quality backlinks, must be done in a “white hat way- that’s to say every aspect of the SEO must follow “Google’s Webmaster guidelines”.

Within this article we are going to explain why the business should follow the guidelines, and if a business does not follow the guidelines, how it can incur an algorithmic penalty.

What we will explain later on within this article, is that every bit of the SEO work, that is building do follow backlinks, right through to writing the “meta titles”, the “anchor text” the “alt-text”, must be white hat. That’s to say, whichever seo company you hire, the work must follow Google’s seo guidelines, the work must be high-quality, the work must also  be white hat.

So, whether you hire a local freelancer, or your business hires one of the largest SEO businesses in the U.K, that company must follow “Google’s WebMaster Guidelines”.

Many business owners do not appreciate the negative impact on their business that an algorithmic or a manual penalty could have.

That’s to say, so many business owners have had their business removed from Google, that’s because either the business itself is not followed the seo guidelines or they have hired the wrong agency which is not followed Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

What is so important is that you follow “Google’s WebMaster Guidelines”, that’s to say if you are improving your businesses SEO, every aspect of the SCO must be white hat.

Now as a business owner, you might not know what white hat means, yet whichever agency you hire, you may hear them refer to white hat quite a lot.

White hat SEO means that they are implementing the SEO in the correct way, that’s the say they are following “Google’s WebMaster Guidelines”.

However with that said, so many businesses say that they offer white hat SEO, but they do not, so whichever company you hire you must make sure that you are obtaining top quality SEO.

If the business does not obtain top quality SEO then they may incur an algorithmic or manual penalty.

So in a nutshell, whichever company you hire, they must follow Google’s seo Guidelines.

Also, it’s worth keeping this in mind as well, it doesn’t matter if you run a small business or you run a truly massive global business, you should only invest in white hat seo.

So that’s the say it doesn’t matter if you run a small business, such as a local tree surgery business, or you run a truly massive company such as a car insurance company, you must make sure that the work is white hat.

Why does my seo company keep talking about AI, Google’s algorthim and also Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

So, whichever company you hire, you are likely to want to go into the agency, meet your SEO consultants, and over a cup of coffee, you are likely to here the consultant talk about, Google’s algorithm, plus also they should mention that the work is going to follow “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Its important  that whichever agency you hire, that they do follow the Webmaster Guidelines, as if they do not, and lets say they implement low-quality work, then the business could incur a penalty.

Now, what is “AI” and “Google’s algorithm”?


Well, it is Googlebot’s job to “crawl and index” your companies website, now if “Googlebot” detects low-quality seo work such as low-quality links, then it is possible that the algorithm, that is Google’s algorithm will issue a penalty, for example, you may have, lets say, just as an example, 1000 low-quality links, then your business could incur a “Google Penguin penalty,” that’s issued by the algorithm or manually issued.

So, whichever company that you hire, that’s to improve your businesses “organic seo”, they must follow “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines”, if they do not, and instead implement low-quality work, then the business could incur a penalty.


What are Google’s WebMaster Guidelines?


Well, it’s quite a lengthy read, but before you implement any SEO work you must read this document.

That’s before you even writing meta title, you should read the guidelines.

You should fully understand the guidelines, because if your business does not, or the appointed agency does not, then your business could incur an algorithmic penalty.

A business can also incur a different type of penalty as well, that penalty is called a manual penalty.

Your business should work very hard to avoid any sort of “seo penalty”, if your business was to incur an “SCO penalty” then it could be removed from Google.

So, let’s give you an example, let’s say that you run a “car dealership”, and you then hire a local marketing company to improve your businesses SEO.

However, you then hire the wrong seo company, that’s because they then build let’s say the backlinks in the wrong way, that’s to say they do not follow the seo rules, and instead they build the backlinks in totally the wrong way.

This means that your business could then incur an “algorithmic penalty”, that’s because the business has not followed the SEO rules. The business might instead incur a “manual penalty”, in either case the business could be removed from Google.


So this is why any business should not flout the SEO rules.


That’s because if a business does decide not to follow “Google’s Guidelines” then that business could incur an algorithmic, or a manual penalty. This could have drastic consequences on the businesses SEO, because it could be removed from Google.

So many businesses have incurred let’s say a Google Penguin penalty, then the business has been removed from Google.

So to avoid this, the business must only invest in high-quality SEO.



Why must my agency follow Google’s WebMaster Guidelines?

All marketing companies, or if the business is implementing SEO itself, must follow the guidelines.

If a business does not, then it could incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

So it doesn’t matter if you run a window cleaning business, and that business only employs one person, or you run a multinational business that employs thousands of people, all businesses must follow the same SEO rules.

The S.E.O rules are also very clear, yet it might take you a long time to understand them if you are new to seo, this is why so many businesses instead hire a agency, that’s because if you employ a good marketing agency, that’s to say a “white hat agency”, they should understand the seo rules, and also as soon as the rules change, they should make sure that they keep their SEO knowledge up-to-date.


Why must all companies, businesses and whoever implements SCO follow the Guidelines?


Quite simply put, no business, or even your own business, that’s if it is implementing the SEO yourself, should try to cheat the seo rules.

No business should try to find loopholes when it comes to SEO.

That’s simply because the business will incur a penalty.

This means that the business could be removed from Google, and also it sometimes costs a lot of money for some businesses to recover from a penalty, that’s because they may then need to hire another company to correct the SEO faults.

For example the business might have low quality back links, so therefore needs to then pay another company to fix this problem.


Why must the work always be white hat?


So, as you have probably already gathered all SEO work should be white hat.

Why the content marketing must always be written in a white hat way.

It’s important that every bit of SEO work is “white hat”, but it is also important that your business invests in white hat content marketing.

For example, none of the content marketing should be duplicated.


What do we mean by duplicated?


Duplicated means that you should not copy the text from another website.

For example far  too many businesses hire a web design company, that then decides to copy and paste the product descriptions from the manufacturers website.

This is a mistake.

That’s because let’s say you sell coffee machines, and let’s say that you hire a web design company, and they copy the product descriptions directly from the coffee machine manufacturer.

This is a mistake because it is duplicated text.


Duplicated text can cause SEO problems, so you should not use “duplicated text”. For example, some agencies believe that if a business uses duplicated text, that the business may then incur a Google Panda penalty.

Also for example, your business, or your agency must build backlinks in the right way, that’s to say all of the backlinks that your business builds, must be built in a “white hat way”.


Why the on-site SEO must be white hat

So, as we have earlier mentioned, all of the seo work must be “white hat”, this is why so many businesses here in Cardiff employ a marketing agency, because if the agency is good at implementing organic SEO they should understand Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.



What are algorithmic penalties?

Many companies have incurred what is called an algorithmic penalty. Sometimes this is simply because they have hired the wrong agency, that’s the say they have hired a company to improve the businesses SEO.


Yet so businesses might implements SEO the wrong way.

So for example the agency might not build “white hat back links”, that’s the say they might built low quality back links, and then the business might incur an algorithmic penalty such as a Google Penguin penalty.

As we mentioned earlier, every aspect of the SEO must be white hat, this includes building back links.

So many businesses have built backlinks the wrong way, that’s to say they have built “low quality backlinks”, then the business will incur an “algorithmic penalty”.

So, when it comes to SEO there are no shortcuts it has to be done the right way.


What are manual penalties?


When you are reading through various SEO websites, they may advise on how to implement SEO, and they may save it is done the wrong way that the business will incur an algorithmic penalty.

But it is entirely possible that the business could incur a different type of penalty, that is a manual penalty.

What a “manual penalty” means is that Google can issue a penalty onto that business manually, that’s to say instead of an algorithm that issues the Google penalty, instead a seo quality reviewer issues the penalty.

This can have the same effect as an algorithmic penalty.

Why it’s especially important that backlinks are built to the right way.

So many businesses build backlinks incorrectly, sometimes this is because the business has no knowledge at all on how to build back links.

But if the business has no knowledge at all on how to build back links, then we would recommend that you instead hire a well-respected, white hat agency.

We say that because if the business, or indeed an SEO company, builds the backlinks the wrong way, I.e, they do not follow “Google’s WebMaster Guidelines”, that’s to say the business, then obtains low-quality backlinks then the business will incur a penalty.

We would recommend not picking an agency on price but on quality of the work

There are now so many companies that offer SEO services all across the UK.

That’s the say in selling capital cities there are literally hundreds of various companies to pick from.

However, with that said, whichever seo company that you do hire, we would recommend that you don’t pick them just on price, that you instead pick an seo company on the quality of the seo work. That’s to say, you should hire an agency which offers you top-quality seo work.

So many businesses have incurred “algorithmic penalties”, this is why you should only invest in white hat work.

Every aspect of the SEO needs to be white hat


If your business is implementing the SEO, then we strongly recommend that your business understands  “Google’s WebMaster Guidelines”.

All SEO work must be quality


So, as you have probably already gathered from reading through this seo article, we would recommend that you only invest in top-quality “white hat” SEO.

That’s to say, in a capital city like Cardiff, there are hundreds of agencies to pick from, however when picking which agency to hire, we would recommend that you pick a agency based on the quality of the work that they can offer.

That’s to say you should hire an agency which offers quality SEO.

Here at our white hat digital marketing agency we offer really high-quality SEO, that’s to say that our business always follows “Google’s Webmaster Guidelines”



How our agency can help

There are many agencies to pick from, there are hundreds of agencies across the UK and there are many agencies hearing Cardiff.

However many businesses pick us because we offer high quality work, we offer this SEO work at an affordable price.

For example our business can offer organic and also local SEO, we can also offer WordPress web design.

We always use white hat methods, that’s when we are improving our customers SEO.

If you would like a quote then why not give our business a ring?