Off-site optimisation is simply the term that refers to all the seo activities that go into optimising a website offsite, this can include for instance link building.

The www that’s inputted before you type in a websites address stands for world wide web. The word that particularly stands out is the word “web”, and that’s because that’s exactly how Google navigates the internet.

A web of websites interconnected via a web of backlinks. Googlebot therefore travels the web using backlinks to jump from one website to another.

Along the way Googlebot, which is an automated piece of code used to calculate a website seo strength, will assign a weight to each of these links.

Some backlinks are therefore worth more than others. For instance, a backlink received from a respected source is worth a lot more than a website that’s just been constructed for pure seo purposes.

To be more exact, if a website has a lot of spam backlinks, well this can trigger a penalty (Google Penguin Penalty to be exact).

However, a business that has a lot of quality websites linking to it, well such a website is likely to rank well within Google.

Therefore, our seo consultants will spend much time building quality backlinks for our clients.

Does off-site optimisation just mean link building?

The answer to that question is no.

Off-site seo can also refer to citation building, which is sometimes referred to as strengthening a business’s NAP signals.

There are also many other off-site signals that Google calculates as part of the seo process as well.