Some business owners are aware that to be at the top of Google they need to regularly update their websites. However some businesses may cut corners and copy and paste content marketing from another website.

Duplicated content marketing can mean a website incurs a penalty, this means that the website could be taken out of Google all together.

There’s only one sort of content marketing that’s worth adding to a website, and that’s high-quality original content marketing.

Why can duplicated content marketing harm a websites SEO?

Some website designers may look to add what they call “filler text” to a website, this is to give the business owner an idea of what the website looks like when all the text is finally added.

However, sometimes this filler text is taken from a product manufacturer and therefore is duplicated.

For example a business may retail a certain brand of car, and they own a website that promotes the local car dealership.

However if the content marketing was to be taken from the car manufactures main website, and pasted on the dealerships website then this could negatively impact the dealerships seo. That’s because the work is duplicated.

Why does Google’s algorithms use spam filters?

Google only wants to promote the best quality websites, websites that offer the most useful and relevant information.

For example, if somebody is looking for DIY advice on how to install a bathroom, they want useful advice, they don’t want to be bombarded with a ton of advertising for bathroom products.

So Google uses spam filters, so websites with duplicated content marketing will be weeded out, and websites that offer good quality information will be rewarded.

What is Google’s Panda update?

Google’s Panda updates are what detect duplication issues, so websites that have duplicated work could be penalised.


How does Googlebot know who the original author is?

When a new piece of content marketing is added to a website, such as a new blog post Googlebot will pick up on this. Googlebot is constantly crawling and indexing websites, so it will notice changes when they are made.

So Google will know when a duplicated piece of content marketing is added, as it will already have noted the work on another URL.

How Top Space carries out content marketing

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