Every year Cardiff digital marketing agencies, like Top Space will speculate how digital marketing could change next year.

That’s to say, SEO consultants up and down the whole of the U.K often lend their ideas on how digital marketing could change, and how your business may wish to prepare for these changes that may occur.

So our seo company here in Cardiff is not different, we thought it would be a good idea to state our opinion on how SEO and digital marketing may change in 2020. 

Zero clicks

Have you ever asked Google a question, and instead of having to go onto a website to find the answer, the answer was instead there right in front of you?

Well, you have used what us SEO companies call a knowledge panel. So for example, you may have written how do you make a chicken tikka curry?

And you may have thought that you would be taken to a website, such as a food website and that would provide you with the recipe on how to cook a tasty chicken curry.

However, instead you may have received a step by step instruction within the SERP’s, which is good for the person that’s in a rush to make the chicken curry, yet not so good for some websites that may have been hoping to try and advertise say a new 4K T.V that you may have been looking to purchase.

So what do we as an SEO agency think will happen in 2020? Well we think that Google’s Knowledge Graph and Google’s Knowledge Panels will be more widely used, so any Cardiff seo agencies should bear this in mind when writing a marketing strategy.


RankBrain has been described as the third most important ranking factor, yet we think that it may just change where businesses are ranked more often. We think the algorithm will make more changes to where businesses are ranked and more frequently.


We believe that businesses that do not invest in white hat seo will incur a penalty. However in 2020 we believe that more penalties will be incurred as there will be more algorithm updates.

Bounce rates

If your business has a high bounce rate, then we think that this will become more of a ranking factor. This means that our marketing agency believes that if the bounce rate is high, then this could mean that a business will be ranked lower.

Algorithm will alter where businesses rank more frequently

We believe that where a business is ranked could alter more frequently, we believe that in 2020 we may see the 1st page results change more frequently.

Website design

We think that a websites design is going to become more and more important, for example we think that seo agencies that just concentrate on link building, content marketing and onsite seo will not be offering enough.

Now SEO companies will need to see if a websites design could be improved to the lower bounce rates, and improve the businesses conversion rates.

We are a white hat seo agency, if your business requires white hat seo, then why not call our SEO agency?