Has your business just started investing in organic SEO? Well, if so your bound to want to start tracking how well your businesses SEO is doing.

It is true that when investing in organic SEO that it often takes many months often to start seeing positive results. This is obviously dependent on how competitive your business sector is.

For example, its normally much easier to get a painting and decorating business onto the first page of Google than it would say a solicitor’s practice. That’s because solicitors in each city normally invest heavily in SEO, so therefore it is normally harder to get a solicitors practice on the first page than it would a painting and decorating business.

However, with that said, you may well want to put in place a way of checking your businesses SEO performance right now, and not have to rely on just SEO reports that have been sent over by your SEO agency.

So, this got us thinking at our seo agency, and that is what do we think are some of the most important things that a business can check in order to work out how well the businesses SEO is doing?

So here’s what our seo experts believe are some of the most important ways a business can evaluate how well the companies seo is doing.


Backlinks are a really important part of SEO. The reason backlinks are so important is that if a website has a lot of good quality backlinks, and these are relevant to the business, well, this can really help to improve where that company ranks.

This is why your SEO agency and your business should be evaluating on a regular basis if the links that are linking to your business’s website are of a good quality and if they are relevant to your business.

What do we mean when we state that the backlinks should be relevant to your business?

Well, most white hat SEO agencies believe that a business should obtain backlinks which are relevant to that business, so for example a construction business should obtain backlinks from websites to do with construction for example.

Yet, its important to remember that all backlinks must be quality, so if you haven’t got a clue as to how to build a backlink, well we would recommend that you find a white hat and quality seo company.

Bounce rate

A business should most definitely monitor its bounce rate, the reason this is important is because it tells you how many people are landing on your companies’ website, yet then leaving more or less straightaway.

So, for example, we always like to think of a bounce rate like you would if you were running a shop on the high street, that’s to say if a lot of shoppers were popping their head into your shop, yet then turning around and exiting straightaway, well, as the shop owner you would want to know what is causing this problem.

As obviously you would like visitors to spend quite a while in your shop, and then to make a purchase.

And as the business owner you would want to know why so many shoppers were leaving more or less straightaway.

Well, this is should be the same if you are running an online business, that’s to say you should therefore figure out what is causing a high bounce rate.

For example, is it simply because the website doesn’t provide enough information to your customers, so that they can make a purchase decision? For example you may sell furniture online, yet if the customer can not find the dimensions of the furniture, well they may leave straightaway.

Number of organic visitors

Just as you would like to know how many people entered your shop located on a high street, the same can often be said about your company’s website.

That’s to say a business that’s investing in organic seo will want to see the number of organic visitors increase overtime.

However, what’s also really important is that the visitors that the SEO company is drawing to the your website are customers that are likely to purchase from you.

For example, it may well be relatively easy to bring thousands of people to a divorce solicitors’ website to read about a celebrity divorce.

Yet, what the divorce solicitor’s website may really need is couples who are thinking of going through a divorce locally to enquire about the services they can offer to a divorcing couple.

That’s to say if the number of organic visitors to that divorce website increases because people are  mostly reading about celebrity divorces, well this may not be much use to the divorce solicitors as these readers may not turn into paying customers for that business.

However, if the seo agency instead focuses on writing guides about how a couple can start the divorce process, well more people who are thinking of going through a divorce in that town or city may read it, meaning that they may well be more likely to turn into paying customers.

So the seo company has to increase the number of organic visitors, but also make sure that the seo agency is attracting the right organic visitors to the website, i.e people who are likely to purchase from the company.

Does your business need white hat seo?

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