Business reviews have become very important to local Seo. Most digital marketing agencies refer to positive business reviews as contributing towards a websites “trust signal”- and this is very important factor that most seo experts consider when optimising a clients website.

However, in recent years many businesses have purchased fake reviews, and this can mean that some businesses are taken out of the local business listings altogether, as Google uses some very sophisticated methods to detect fake business reviews.

Fake business reviews are therefore a waste of time, that’s because a business could be handing a direct advantage to one of their competitors because if their business does get removed because of using fake business reviews, one of the businesses direct competitors will take their place.

Are business reviews important to SEO?

A lot of businesses, especially local businesses mark-up there review scores using Schema, this is a good idea, as in the sea of rather drab business listings, it is possible to stand out from the crowd using this method.

Positive business reviews are a trust signal, and most agencies look to increase trust signals, not by writing fake reviews however. Instead many digital marketing agencies want a local business to be more personable, so that the customer can see who runs the business.

This if often achieved through LinkedIn accounts, but also through about us pages, which can provide a brief history describing the business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is incredibly important, especially if you run a small business, that’s because it is essential for getting listed in Google’s local business results.

Secondly if a customer was to type your businesses names into Google, then it is the Google My Business side panel that often appears at the top. So, any reviews that are left will be easily seen.

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