It’s one of the initial stages of putting together an online marketing strategy for any business, yet it is also one of the most crucial areas to get right.

This means if a website is correctly optimised, using the right keywords, then you will be attracting the right customers, and ultimately increasing your sales.

However, if the wrong customers are drawn to your website, this could result in a much higher bounce rate, or it could mean that the traffic does not convert, meaning that the traffic does not transcend into paying customers.

So understanding the businesses market is vital, but optimising the site for all the different services, or products that a business offers is vital.

What are keywords?

A business, and it’s appointed marketing agency should carefully consider which keywords the business wishes to optimise the website for. Our Cardiff SEO company, often works out which keywords are best for our clients using the following methods:

  • Competitor research
  • Keyword tools
  • Researching the competition in different cities

Are the keywords even relevant?

Some agencies if given free reign over the seo project, may optimise the site for keywords that are of little use to the business.

For example, imagine a plumbing business just for a second, an agency may write tons on content marketing aimed at providing plumbing advice.

These articles may work well, and they may offer good plumbing advice, but if the agency fails to bring the seo strategy to a local level, then the website may not generate the business that’s required.

Therefore an agency must ensure that the website is ranking well for terms that will generate it actual business.

Are the keywords realistic?                  

Some digital marketing agencies will offer their services at a low price, they may even over promise and then under deliver.

This is why it’s far better to work with a local agency, one that states what’s feasible and which keywords may require more investment.

This is far better than having an seo agency working on your website, and then 12 months down the line they haven’t generated your business any more customers.

Have you partnered with the right agency?            

It’s really important that your business partners with a white hat online marketing business. For affordable seo services within Cardiff, why not give us a call?