This is the million-dollar question that many business owners will have asked themselves countless times before. And with good reason, that’s because a businesses level of seo success can often directly relate to how many sales they receive.

Well, as seasoned pro’s at offering white hat seo within Cardiff, we thought we would offer you a few free tips.

How do I get my website to rank higher locally?

Local seo involves strengthening the ranking signals on-site and off-site to better promote a website within the organic and local business listings.

If you run a local business, and require local seo then you should make sure your agency is enhancing the following ranking signals:

·        Business citations (NAP information)

·        Content marketing

·        Local backlinks (white hat)

·        Technical seo, ensuring that meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags are all correctly optimised.

How do I get my website to appear higher nationally?

How you optimise a website nationally is quite different from how you carry out local seo.

Plus, you have to keep this in mind also, that national seo is often a lot more competitive, so you normally have to have much larger marketing budgets to place your business higher within the organic listings.

You will need the following work carried out on a monthly basis if you wish to rank nationally:

·        High-powered backlinks (white hat)

·        Excellent quality content marketing added frequently (white hat)

·        Technical seo that’s carried out by an expert

·        Social media optimisation

At Top Space we work with both local businesses, as well as large national brands.

How long will it take to rank at the top of Google?

This is a question that’s asked to many seo agencies, and the answer depends on the following factors:

·        How competitive your business sector is

·        How established your competitors are

·        How many backlinks does your website have in comparison to the competition

·        Is your business established, or a new start-up business?

·        How often do you add blog posts, and are they high-quality?

Your seo agency will have many questions that they need to ask you prior to offering you a quote.

However, how long it takes to reach page one of Google often boil down to one key factor. That factor is how competitive is your business sector?

If your business sector is not very competitive, then your agency may well be able to overtake the competition in a matter of a few months or sometimes even weeks.

However, if the competition is strong, then you can bet that your competitors will have already invested in seo, possibly for many years prior.

This means that the benchmark is already set very high, and to overtake the competition may take a lot of work.

Here at Top Space we can help your business to implement quality white hat seo work. To receive a quote, why not get in touch with us today?