If you’re currently investing in digital marketing, then you’ve probably already aware that active social media accounts can help a businesses organic rankings.

Within this article, we look at how important social media actually is to online marketing. And, we will also look at how social media optimisation fits into the organic seo landscape.

How can social media help my business?

Once social media stood somewhat in total isolation to organic search engine optimisation. And, that’s mostly because agencies thought that being active on social media would not help their clients rankings- however things have changed.

Social media, offsite and onsite seo have all now merged into one big melting pot, and any good quality agency that’s worth their weight in gold, will now tell you that social media can be pretty important to seo nowadays.

Most digital marketing agencies, including Top Space, now believe that social media optimisation does have some degree of influence over where your website gets ranked.

So, if your business is using social media to your businesses advantage, then it is possible that this will be having a positive effect on where your website ranks.

However, it’s important to remember this, that is if you just rely on social media alone, then it’s unlikely that your business will reach the top of Google.

There are over 200+ ranking signals, so don’t just concentrate on a few

Instead you also need to pay attention to some of the other main ranking factors as well. Google has well over 200+ ranking signals, so our best advice would be this, don’t overly concentrate on just one ranking signal.

Instead spread your bets, and optimise as many ranking signals as you can. Most agencies would agree with us that backlinks and quality content marketing are still a much stronger driver towards better rankings, than concentrating too much on social media optimisation alone.

What are social signals?

Social signals can be people following your social media account, likes, retweets anything that an algorithm can use to gauge how important your social media account is.

If you have the resources, or you ask a digital marketing company like Top Space to manage your businesses social media, well then optimising your social accounts can form part of a wider seo strategy.

By asking your seo agency to manage your social media accounts, they can keep your social media accounts updated, and this can have the following benefits for your business:

·        Traffic can flow from social media accounts through to your website

·        People may find your content marketing on social media accounts, then decide to link to the work

·        Increased sales through targeting the right audience for your products / service

Want to know more?

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