So, you’ve found yourself a digital marketing agency that your business wishes to partner with.

You’ve been told, “leave it to us, we got your SEO covered”- but your inquisitive mind is now working overtime.

Your thinking how does Google assign an seo score, and is there even such a thing? Also, you might be wondering, how your agencies going to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) score quickly and if you are getting value for money- so many questions, and so little time.

Let’s shed some light on this issue and workout how Google weighs up how good a website is.

What is an algorithm?

The word “algorithm” does sound rather mysterious. Conjures up thoughts of a mathematical formula that needs to be understood. And, that’s all it is, a mathematical formula that needs to be understood- you had it in one!

But Google’s algorithm is not that simple. If it was just down to links and content marketing, then seo’s all across the land would be leaping for joy.

Things are now more complicated. To be exact, two hundred times more complicated, that’s because that’s exactly how many ranking factors are thought to makeup Google’s rather complex algorithm.

What are ranking signals?

Ranking signals are signals that emanate from your website, or to be more precise the entity that is your business.

We say entity rather than website, because a website is just that, a domain which is structed by code.

However, an entity is something much bigger, its all the mentions, links and facts relating to your business, which Google will have assigned to an entity (Google’s Knowledge Vault).

Ranking signals are the many signals that go into defining an entity. This means that two hundred plus ranking signals we chatted about earlier, we’ll all those come to together to allow a score to be assigned to your website.

Now, any agency that states that they know how Google precisely scores a website is a big fibber.

That’s because how Google scores websites, in terms of how the algorithm works is a secret. Sure, us seo’s know which methods work best, yet Google’s algorithm is still a secret, and changes on a regular basis, and that is why your agency must make regular changes to how they implement seo.

So, how can your seo company help?

At Top Space we do not let the grass grow beneath our feet. No, instead we have our finger on the pulse, and we are constantly learning the latest and best white hat methods.

To put it in a nutshell, we can take your website higher using the best possible methods.

We are the SEO experts to talk to, so why not pick up the phone, and have a chat with us today?