Backlinks are very important to most seo campaigns. This means that to rank at the very top of Google, for any given business sector, often your website will need backlinks.

Google uses in excess of 200 ranking signals, Google’s algorithm then uses these to work out how important a website is.

For example, if you your business has hundreds of links from influential websites, that are relevant to your business sector, then this will most likely mean your website will rank very high.

However, backlinks are one part of the equation, that’s because Google will still calculate how strong the websites other ranking signals are as well.

What exactly are backlinks?

If you have ever been on a website, and clicked a link, and then landed on a completely different website, then you have followed a backlink.

For example, you may have been on a dentist’s website, and wanted to find out information about how to keep your teeth healthy. You may have clicked on highlighted text that read “how to keep your teeth healthy”- by clicking on this, you will have clicked the backlinks anchor text, then you will taken to another website, this is called following a backlink.

What does “anchor text” mean?

Anchor text is quite simply the text that you click on to follow a link.

What does “link juice” mean?

Different backlinks offer different levels of link equity, which is sometimes referred to as link juice.

The higher quality websites will offer higher link equity. For example, a link from the BBC is thought to offer high link equity, which can help a websites SEO.

How many backlinks does my website need?

This will depend on your competitors, for instance if your direct competitors have over 200 hundred quality backlinks, then your appointed seo company should then look to build more.

However, backlinks are just one form of ranking signal, your seo agency should also focus on strengthening some, or all of the other 200+ ranking signals.

What is Google’s Penguin update?

Google’s Penguin update will penalise websites that have spam links.

What does outreaching mean?

Outreaching means to write a quality piece of content marketing, to then offer this is to quality websites, that are also relevant to your business sector.

If the website then publishes your businesses content marketing, then you should ask for a “do-follow” backlink in return. The more do-follow backlinks that the website obtains, from quality sources, that are also relevant your business, then normally a website will obtain higher rankings.