It’s the million-dollar question that so many business owners will have asked themselves time and time again.

The reason being is most business owners recognise the need for digital marketing, and therefore what to reach as wide an audience as is feasibly possible.

However, here in lies the problem, if a business was to pay too much, well they might overstretch their marketing budget. On the flip side pay too little, well that old adage may just start to ring true, and that is you do get what you pay for.

So, what’s the healthy balance? What should a business expect to pay?

Well we think that is one mighty question, one in which we are going to help you to answer.

So, what should my business expect to get with a £500.00 per month seo budget?

Your £500.00 and below seo budget will be perfect for a small business, that’s looking to promote itself in just one city.

However, here’s the but, and it’s a big but, this budget is only suitable for low competition industries.

So, it would be ideal for say building merchant’s, or a luxurious wine retailer for example. This budget wouldn’t be suitable for say a business that operates in a highly competitive business sector, like a solicitor’s practice.

Also, here’s another thing to think about, if your business is based in a super busy and bustling city, then often prices are more expensive in these areas. The reason being is that nine times out of ten, there will be more competition than you can shake a stick at.

Okay, so what if we have a budget of between £1000.00 and £3000.00 per month?

This seo budget would be ideal for a business that wants to invest in local SEO, and the business in question operates in a highly competitive business sector.

So, for example, a budget of £1000.00 up to £3000.00 per month would be ideal for say a dental practice.

How much does national seo cost?

Now national seo is totally different from local seo, the level of competition is often magnified massively.

Also, its important for business owners to be realistic as what they can achieve with their marketing budget.

A £4000.00 marketing spend will be a lot for a small business per month, yet up against some of the national businesses, this marketing spend may well be a drop-in the ocean.

This is why it’s far better to partner with a digital marketing agency that is realistic about where your marketing budget will take you.

Some businesses will take your marketing budget regardless of what can be realistically achieved.

It’s therefore far better to sit down with your seo agency, and for them to talk you through what is possible.

How we can help

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