How can Facebook help my business?

Facebook is a hugely important tool for some businesses, for example it can project a positive company image, through reviews, it can also be used for local seo.

What are business citations (NAP information) important?

If your business needs to listed high on Google within one city, or multiple cities, then your business needs local seo.

A major ranking factor when it comes to local seo, is NAP information. NAP simply stands for Name, Address and Phone number of your business.

It’s really important that your local business is listed on as many quality business directories as possible. However there is a correct way of building NAP information, and a wrong way, so if you are unsure, you should contact a local seo agency for help.

Why should my business use Facebook to show our companies culture?

So many businesses are using Facebook to show customers their customers culture. For example, we are a seo company, and we can use social media accounts, like Facebook to show customers how our business is different from other agencies.

For example, some digital marketing businesses, within Cardiff, show information on Facebook about a team building day their companies staff members might have been on. This gives a customer a sense of what the company culture is like.

Business reviews

Business reviews on Facebook are so important, for example imagine that you run a restaurant within Cardiff, it’s now important to get good reviews.

This could mean the difference between a company making a large booking or not.

Local SEO

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