Google is thought to use over 200+ ranking factors when working out where to rank a website. Most Cardiff seo companies believe that backlinks are still the most important ranking signal.

This means that often the websites that are right at the top of Google, these are normally the ones with strong backlinks.

This guide will teach you how to build backlinks, and which backlinks are useful, and which ones could mean your website incurs a penalty.

Why are backlinks so important?

Google uses a complex algorithm which evaluates your websites ranking signals. This means everything from your websites meta descriptions, through to backlinks are inputted into Google’s algorithm.

Backlinks are widely considered by most Cardiff seo agencies to be the most important, so this is why many agencies spend so much time building backlinks.

Why must the backlinks be relevant?

All backlinks should be relevant to your business, so for example if you run an accountancy practice, you should only look to build links from accountancy related websites.

What is Google’s Penguin update?

Google has the Google Penguin update built in to its algorithm, what this means is that if your company, or your agency build spam links, then your website could incur a penalty.

What is outreaching?

Outreaching is the process of contacting relevant, high-quality websites and normally offering a piece of well written content marketing, in exchange for what is called a do-follow backlink.

For example, let’s return to our accountancy practice example again, you may wish to write an article providing advice on taxation, and offer this to another accountancy website.

Then if the other accountancy website states that they are willing to publish the work, you can ask whether you can obtain a do-follow backlink.