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From the outset our SEO agency has strived to be different by offering top quality SEO at a fair price. Where countless digital marketing agencies profit from marketing jargon, we quite simply do not.

  We also know from our vast experience that’s been built up over many years, that Google rewards businesses that implement high quality seo work.

Therefore, the more thought, care, and knowledge that can be poured into the digital marketing strategy the better.

At Top Space we therefore work diligently at creating white hat marketing strategies that we are proud to put our name to.

This is why we are trusted to deliver for many respected brands right throughout the U.K.


Frequently asked questions

What does SEO mean?


SEO simply stands for search engine optimisation. This process is used to improve where a business is ranked within the major search engines, like Google.

There are over 200 rankings signals that are evaluated for each and every website. This means that there over 200 pieces of information that are weighed up in order to work out where a business should be ranked.

A website with the strongest ranking signals, when compared to it’s direct rivals, will be the business that gets ranked at the top.

Therefore ranking signals are quite simply signals that inform Google of how important your website actually is.


How can this help my business?

SEO can help your business to stand out from the crowd. Most businesses now face fierce competition, therefore being ranked at the top of Google will often be a large competitive advantage.

This is where we can help, we helped many businesses get on to the first page of Google.

We have an in-depth understanding of how Google’s algorithm works. Our knowledge has been accumulated over the past 10 years.

We have therefore studied how the algorithm works. We have seen how major updates, such as Google’s Hummingbird update, and how this changed how seo should be implemented.

We have unparalleled expertise within Cardiff. If your business needs to reach the top, simply put you need Top Space.


How long will we need to invest for?

Despite what some people might think, organic seo is not a one-off process. Therefore Top Space like most other agencies, charge our clients per month.

This will allow us to implement quality white hat work, such as building backlinks so that we can improve where your business ranks.

Organic search engine optimisation is therefore a continuous process.


Surely, when my business reaches the top, its time to stop paying for seo?

Google ranks websites based on how strong their ranking signals are. There are over 200 ranking signals that get crawled and indexed by Googlebot.

This means that websites are constantly being compared in terms of strength to their competitors.

This means that the competition will also be looking to improve where they are ranked, so this process means businesses are in constant competition to be ranked on the first page.

This is often why in competitive business sectors ranking positions can change daily and this is why seo still needed even when a business is ranked number one.


What exactly does white hat SEO mean?

There are so many Cardiff seo companies, and other U.K agencies offering cheap deals, and even one off fixed priced seo packages.

With that said, cheap seo is often a false economy. Google’s algorithm is now so complex and sophisticated that it can detect low quality seo methods, these websites will be penalised.

Penalised websites can be removed from Google altogether. Also, penalised websites can be more difficult to optimise in the future.

Correcting poor quality work is also often expensive. Also, recovering from a Google Penalty will often take a long time. This means its always worth investing in quality, and that is why so many businesses choose Top Space.


How can your agency help?

We work with many businesses based within Cardiff, South Wales.

We also work with other many businesses that are based right across the U.K and also Ireland.

If you would like your business to reach the top, then why not call Top Space today?

 We take businesses higher online starting from £220.00 PCM

Increase your businesses presence online | Packages range from £220.00 to £2000.00 + pcm


Save money with us!

Do not pay over the odds. We offer affordable white hat seo packages.

Be found online much easier

Organic and local seo can help your business to draw in more customers. We are white hat seo experts.

Every minute counts

We ensure that we devote our time and energy into using the latest white hat methods. 

Affordable fixed priced packages

What’s surprising when you choose Top Space is our affordable prices. With white hat seo packages starting from £220.00
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We keep up to date

The SEO world moves very fast indeed, but so do we! 

Online marketing services that are worth shouting about! 

We can offer content marketing, organic and local seo, link building services, and a whole lot more.  

We can offer you the following services

  • Bespoke content marketing

  • High powered backlinks

  • Website audit’s

  • Keyword Research

  • Online marketing services

  • Social media optimisation

  • Online marketing & strategy formulation

  • Fixed monthly prices from £220.00 pcm

  •  Google My Business and Places optimisation

  • Social Media Management Services

  • Strategic planning

  • New website intensive seo packages

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