Keyword stuffing is an old form of search engine optimisation, and involves cramming in keywords over and over again, that’s within a piece of content marketing.

 Why keyword stuffing is “old hat” and should not be used in modern forms of Seo and online marketing!

If your agency or provider of online marketing is still keyword stuffing, we would strongly urge you to find a new company.

Keyword stuffing is a frowned upon activity, that’s in the online marketing world and seo practices have moved on greatly.

  How a Panda changed everything!?

Google’s algorithm change incorporating the Panda updates, actively punishes low quality content.

Such content could be content which has been duplicated, spun or keyword stuffed.

 What exactly is keyword stuffing and how it is picked up by the search engines, we hear you ask?


Keyword stuffing is fairly easy activity to detect.

If you imagine in a piece of content marketing, it is easy to calculate as a percentage the amount of keywords in terms of density, that are placed within the written work.

So if a company or website is overusing a keyword, over and over again, it’s likely to do be picked up by the search engines and punished as a piece of low quality marketing work.

So what is the answer? If keyword stuffing is frowned upon, how should you promote your website?

You should promote your website by means of high quality, original content, that time and effort has been spent in creating.

If you can imagine for example you have a problem with your car, you may want to go online quickly to get information on how to fix your car.

You will want to get onto a website that quickly get’s to the point of telling you how to fix your motor!

You will not want to be presented with web pages, that are constructed in ways to commercially push a product or service, and do not and answer your questions that you have asked the search engine in the first place.

So instead of thinking about keyword stuffing think about “user experience” and offering quality information and as a direct result of this, the search engines will reward you!

If you think your agency or provider of seo is keyword stuffing your copy way too much, and using other poor seo practices, why not give us a call for a quality alternative solution?