Content Marketing we believe here at Top Space Seo is one of the most effective forms of search engine optimisation, that a company can use.

That is if it is used in the right way of course!

We think it can be very effective for businesses of all sizes when it utilised correctly.

Content marketing can take the form of on-site work on a website, which may well be placed within a blog or news section to encourage ranking performance of a website.

Also content marketing can be produced for off-site purposes also- this is known as outreaching using a content marketing approach.

This can take the form of writing content for another website, that is relevant, and of use for you to get gain a back link from to earn high quality back-links.

You can get a back link for your content marketing efforts when it is published on another website and the publisher agrees to mention or link to you back in return.

Why is Content Marketing such an effective method?

Content marketing is effective because it allows you to put across information about your industry sector, while allowing this work to also contain valuable keywords. This work then has the potential to offer a good user experience to your users, which is all good for seo, when you combine good information and a good user experience together.

Say for example you manage a chain of dental practices- if your website is providing a great resource, within the areas of dentistry, then this is likely to attract more visits.

More attention may mean more relevant visits to your website, more links, and more mentions across the semantic web.

This is all part of an effective content marketing strategy

Once more content marketing is not just reserved to just large businesses, with large marketing spends, what is great about content marketing, is that small businesses can take centre stage as well if the strategy is effective.

  Why a Panda changed everything!

Content marketing is the same as any other Seo practice, in that there are always going to be companies and individuals which look to “spam the system” for personal gain.

So when a method of seo gets spammed, then normally the search engines fight back with a method to help prevent this.

In this case on-site methods of spam are fought off by an algorithm update called Panda updates, via Google.

These updates targeted the following areas:

 Duplication Issues

If your website is suffering from duplication issues, in the form of duplicated content, from other sources across the web, then this is likely to damage your websites rankings,

So don’t duplicate! Always use high quality, relevant and well thought out website copy.

 Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is the process of not caring about the quality of your websites content, from a website’s visitors perspective and user experience perspective.

Instead if you stuff your copy with so many keywords and try and manipulate the ranking system, then this is likely to damage your rankings. Panda is very clever indeed, so stuffing content, or low quality content will no longer wash!

Therefore people who partake in keyword stuffing, are interested in stuffing a number of selected keywords, within the content numerous times just for Seo gain.

Not a worthwhile exercise in our book, so stay well clear of low quality methods such as these as they may just well damage your websites performance.

If you have an agency using any of the approaches above, such as keyword stuffing, duplicating content from multiple sources, or cloaking text, consider changing your seo agency or consultant straight away to more quality establishment.

Google loves quality, and your users want clear, expert advice, so if you provide this is the right way you are likely to be rewarded in the rankings for your efforts.


The process of cloaking is to write Seo keywords, on-site that you wish to rank for, by disguising these so that the visitor to your website cannot see such work.

So this is a very poor and shabby way of trying to get a page to rank- by using keywords merely for seo purposes but trying to show the websites visitors something else.

One way this is done is through making the text the same colour as the background, so that it appears invisible.

This is a poor form of search engine optimisation, SEO, practice and can harm your websites rankings.

If you would like to talk to us about ways of effective content marketing in Cardiff, then do give us a call today.