Investing in search engine optimisation services should be a continuous process

That is because your competitors will constantly be trying to get higher online, so you will not want your website pushed down the search ranking’s as a result.

So will my website go down the rankings if I do not invest in Seo?

It is entirely possible for your website to decrease in visibility directly because of stopping or delaying investment in Seo services.

If you can imagine on the first page of Google, there are only a limited amount of businesses that can advertise in the organic section.

Because of this fact, businesses will constantly be looking at ways to move up the rankings.

Therefore the more investment in Seo with the right agency or consultant allows a certain website’s to keep rising in search, or to maintain current ranking levels.

Do I need to continuously invest in Internet marketing services?

As previously stated, other companies will constantly be looking to implement new online marketing strategies.

Because these companies will be investing time into content marketing and link building practices, this means they have time to further strengthen their web presence.

While your competitors Seo campaigns are becoming stronger and stronger, this means that your own website if you stop investing, can move down the rankings.

Could I decrease payments for a while, during my investment in Seo?

It is entirely possible that sometimes the company may wish to decrease their marketing spend for a while.

Often digital marketing agencies and practitioners of Seo, normally apportion time to allocated seo tasks.

Therefore if your business is strapped for cash for any particular month, then it may be worth asking what Seo tasks are absolutely essential, and which ones could be postponed until a later date, in order to allow continuous investment in Seo.

Why do some websites look like they are not investing in Seo, yet a higher in search?

For those uninitiated to digital marketing, they may believe that old looking websites are not investing in digital marketing when in fact they might be.

For instance, some business owners may look at a website and think that is pretty stagnant looking.

That is that the content marketing does not seem to be changing, and that the website is pretty old looking generally.

In this situation you have to appreciate that Google likes websites which have been hosted for longer period of time.

Also, just because a website looks old looking and has not changed for a great period of time, this does not mean that the company is not investing in Seo services.

For instance they may have a static HTML website, which prevents easy changes from happening on-site.

So the company may have made the decision to keep the website the way it is, yet invest in off-site Seo, that’s in the form of back links and business citations locally for example.

Am I able to change my online marketing strategy once I have started investing in one type of Seo?

Good practice within Seo dictates that an online marketing strategy should constantly evolve. This means that a marketing strategy should change as time goes on anyway.

How long will it take for a website to decrease in search if I stop investing in digital marketing?

This is very difficult to say, and it will depend on how competitive your industry is.

For example in some industries you cannot afford to stand still with Seo, otherwise you will be overtaken.

So this will depend on how competitive your industry is, and also where you wish to conduct business.

For example the rankings and how they change will be substantially more frequent in London and it is in Cardiff for example.