Many people may believe that a blog section of a website is just communicating company news, and it has no search engine optimisation benefit.


However blog or news section of a website can be used for online marketing to help increase the websites rankings certain Seo keywords.


This article will explain how you could achieve better rankings within Google, and even first page rankings if you correctly use your blog to good effect.





The freshness of content marketing is very important, Google will reward websites which have fresh content which is high in quality but also is regularly contributed towards a news or blog section.


Therefore a website which stands idle for a greater period of time is unlikely to beat a website which is contributed to and has new content added say on a weekly basis.




Targeting keywords


Any good online marketing consultant will carefully consider how they are going to target certain keywords.


For example any business will have a range of keywords that they want to appear higher within Google’s search index for.


By correctly targeting keywords it is possible that you climb Google’s rankings and therefore you climb the index and you get better rankings for certain commercial keywords.


By carefully analysing which keywords that you want to rank for you will be able to incorporate these into content marketing so that over time you could possibly see higher ranking positions.




Google’s algorithm


Google’s algorithm is very complex, is constantly evolving and it is looking at ways in which can eliminate spam from its index.


Therefore do not be tempted to write low quality content marketing that holds little use to a website visitor, this is because this type of low quality content marketing is more than likely to be taken out of the index because it may be seen as spammy or manipulative content marketing.




Naturally written content


Naturally written content marketing is very important, as naturally written content is what people want to read when they are searching for information


there is nothing more frustrating than reading the content marketing article information, to find it has keywords scattered all to text which makes it confusing to read and also is can be frustrating somebody who wants to quickly find answer to a problem.




Google’s panda updates


Google’s panda updates look at where low quality content marketing is within its index and it looks to move down the search engine rankings.


For example websites which have keyword stuffed or have duplicated content other types of websites that will be picked up by Google algorithm and more importantly it panda updates and it will focus on this type of content and either removing it from the index or making it lower in its rankings.


This is why it is so important to use white hat Seo all the time.



Using title tags and header tags


You should correctly use title tags and header tags within content marketing, is the clearly illustrated search engine what your website is about.


Do not use the same title tags or header tags across multiple pages on your website because you should have unique title tags for each page you are optimising on your website.



Writing accurate meta descriptions


Right accurate meta descriptions as this is likely to increase your click through rate on your website and therefore it is also likely to give the visitors of your website a better understanding about what your page is about.


For example if you are optimising for a demolition company, right demolition words within the meta description so people know about what the page is about




Enhancing time on site figures


Is about enhancing time on site figures so that you can keep visitor on your website longer.


This can be achieved through writing interesting content marketing.



Reducing bounce rates


Parts of any search engine optimisation strategy should be to reduce the bounce rate on your website so that people still your website for longer.



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