Technical SEO

Technical SEO is arguably an area of online marketing that often gets overlooked by some time restrained SEO agencies or consultants.

Some companies therefore may be more willing, to add content or build links for a client as they are obvious seo considerations. Yet they maybe less inclined to address issues which are more technical and often need an expert eye to spot and change such problems with a client’s website.

Technical seo is therefore sometimes not given as a priority by some providers, as some aspects remain as problem area’s on some websites for long times. Sometimes you only know the handbrake is applied to a website because of an area being overlooked, when a new consultant or new agency take over the seo contract.

This page, will therefore to give you a quick oversight into area’s you should be looking at to better optimise your website through technical seo considerations.

Title Tags (Let’s start with the basics first)

Okay, lets start with the most basic, title tags.

Now title tags have to be used carefully, although we here think they are a very important form of seo, in terms of on-site optimisation.

Say on you’re about us page you have a huge slab of text, naturally you will want to break this text up with correct use of title tags.

This is easily achieved in WordPress type sites, and many other CMS systems for those not familiar with webdesign.

This is because you can mark-up a set of title tags as simply as highlighting them and clicking on the H1,H2,H3 etc drop down menu selections in the dashboards of most CMS systems.

But do make sure that you write your post and page title’s naturally, allowing users to skim on the page to where they want to go.

Keyword stuffing title tags is not good practice at all, and is likely to demote a page in search.

Writing natural titles on a page, will assist with Google’s Hummingbird update for user experience best practice, and also Google’s Panda as you will not be keyword stuffing if you write naturally within your titles and page’s content.

Top tip: “Also don’t fall into the trap some beginners fall into, and that’s to try and stuff every title on every page with a line you want the site to rank for overall- it doesn’t work”

So for example we are an seo company based in Cardiff, so if we were less practiced at digital marketing, we may put something like, seo agency in most titles on a a lot of our pages, to try and rank for it. But we know full well such an old hat method of seo does not work.

This is very poor practice, and optimisation companies using such methods are likely to be penalised in search for using such methods.


URL Friendly Extension Names

When you launch your funky new website, you may be given options, for example you may have the option between customising the extension on your websites url extention.

So for example instead of being called you could call the website something more meaningful like

This will allow for a very minor ranking signal to be sent, as to what exactly that particular page is about.

So for example a naturally written url extension, just gives that extra signal to the search engines as to what a page is actually about.

Top tip: Although with that said, we would recommend, if your have a website with url’s which have been set for a long time, do not change them now!

This is because they will have most likely built up trust with the search engines because they have been live for a long time.

This is because how long they have been used for, and also possible links that are flowing to each individual page, or the main domain name.

So changing a websites extension will stop link juice flowing to the pages you have changed the url for, as it will become a broken link, not good for seo at all!

So only change, link extensions if you are setting up a new page.

So if your website is selling dog chocolate treats for example, why not make the extension to that particular page for example?


Content thin pages are not good for SEO, here’s why…

Beware when carrying out a website audit of what’ called content thin pages that may be present on your website.

When carrying out a technical audit of your website, have a look for important pages which seem less than wordy.

Top tip: “This is because during a technical seo audit, content thin web pages are not good for seo, so why not look to change them and enhance user experience factors?”

Have a look to see if more meaningful text could be added to the page, this will allow if carried out correctly the website to rank better in search.

Think unique, high quality content marketing, with user experience at the fore front of your mind when designing a website’s page.

This is because quite often with unique, high quality text this will allow the website, to send clearer signals to the search engine, what the actual meaning of that page is about.


Site Speed

We think here at Top Space SEO, that site load speeds are very important.

After all if you are looking to buy or find out information quickly, you are most likely not to hang around waiting for a slow loading website or web page to load.

Distilled, sums up why site load speed for seo purposes are so important, and explains this really well on on their website, why not follow the link to read their great article on why load speeds for a website are important for seo purposes.


Re-directs are important so watch out for these

Why 301 and 302 re-direct’s cause so much confusion for some SEO’s and Webmaster’s alike


What is a 301 redirect?

In online marketing most professionals advise in the majority of circumstances when a web page has to be re-directed to use a 301 re-direct normally.

A 301 re-direct directs a search engine and a user of a website to a new page this is often preferred because most link juice is often passed through a 301 re-direct.

Top tip: Link juice is the link equity, that’s earned from another website linking to a webpage or post of yours.

This then is like a vote of confidence in your own website from another website, stating that a website wants to link to you, this is good if the linking website is of high quality and passes link juice or equity over to you via a link pointing at your website’s domain or individual pages.


What is a 302 redirect?

Normally a webmaster or an SEO will normally only use a 302 redirect when a page is temporarily unavailable for some reason.

So say for example, if an item has sold out of stock, you may re-direct to page in the short term explaining when stock will be back, although it would be preferable in most cases to either permanently re-direct to a 301 re-direct, or to provide supplementary information still on the same page instead of using a 302.

Moz, a must use resource for all those working in seo, has a brilliant resource for those who want to find out more about what re-directs mean, and there implications on search engine optimisation.

Moz explains there are three different types of redirects, 301, 302 and Meta Refresh.


Where is your content marketing work best read?

Canonicals can be used to point search engine crawler’s in the best direction to read and index information on your website.

These canonical tags, are often seen when content on a website has close to duplicate information within the websites main structure.

For example, one page may be describing how to choose the right tyres for your car, yet this page is close to the same wording as many other internal website pages you already have. The answer is to tell Google, what page to index and what page the information is best read on.


Good Website Architecture

When designing a website it’s always worth thinking about designing good website navigation and site architecture so that it assists a good user experience.(Hummingbird)

For example you could use Google Analytics, to see how users flow through your website.

If certain pages are accessed the most, why not make these pages more easy to find by moving them high up in the websites internal navigation.


How we can help with technical seo or website audits

We are a friendly bunch who carry out website search engine optimisation services within Cardiff, South Wales, why not give us a ring to take your website to new heights?