1)     Be cautious when building backlinks for your business, that’s because bad quality backlinks can actually harm a website’s performance. Also, getting bad quality links removed can also be difficult, (Disavowing) plus it can take a long time for a website to recover from a search engine penalty. (Google’s Penguin update’s).

2)     Don’t be overly bullish when building backlinks- what we mean by this is that quality is much more important than quantity- so don’t look to obtain backlinks as fast as possible if it means sacrificing on quality.

3)     Don’t buy backlinks neither, backlinks should be built naturally, this is achieved by offering really good quality information to your audience, so good that other websites will want to link to your work, and to also cite your quality work. For example, say you own a bike shop, you may retail expensive branded bikes, on your blog you detail a way in which a bike puncture could be repaired easily, this sort of article will be useful for those who are interested in bikes- it’s therefore likely that such a blog article will be linked to by other bike related websites, this is good for SEO. This type of backlink building, is called natural link building, it’s where website owners link to your website without you having to ask.

4)     Backlinks are considered one of the most important ranking signals there is, that’s to say Google’s algorithm places backlinks as one of the most important ranking signals, that’s when deciding on where to rank your website.

5)     How many backlinks your site needs is dependent on your competitors, if your competitor has say 100 quality, relevant backlinks, then you should aim to get more high quality, relevant backlinks than your direct competitors. (Also note, that once you have more high-quality backlinks than your direct competitors, you shouldn’t just stop there, that’s  because links can be removed overtime, so building links is continuous. Your seo agency should therefore look to build backlinks even when you have more than your competitors.

6)     Not all backlinks are created equal in terms of there value, some links will help your seo efforts, some will hold your site back, and some are just neutral- that’s to say they are not harmful, and they are not helpful neither.

7)     Low quality backlinks can mean that a website could be penalised (Google Penguin updates), for example the search engines, like Google use sophisticated algorithms to detect low quality links, low quality links could mean your website gets lowered in terms of its ranking position, very low quality links could mean that your site gets removed all together. So make sure that your consultant or agency only build relevant, high-quality links.

8)     When a good quality backlink is obtained, it can take days, weeks and sometimes even months for some search engines to show you the benefit your have earned from that link- therefore a delay is to be expected.

9)     Even if you have really good quality backlinks, better links than what your competitors have, this is not always enough to get onto the first page of Google, that’s because there are in excess of over 200+ ranking signals, so all of these ranking signals need to be taken into account as well.

10)  If your website has loads of quality links flowing to it, yet the information the site offers is poor, then you may not even rank anywhere near the first page of Google. The written aspect of your website is very important, that’s to say content marketing, and other ranking signals therefore need to be strong as well, therefore links only make up one part of an seo strategy.

11)  Remember Google uses complex algorithms, and also uses an artificial intelligence piece of software called RankBrain, therefore users of your website will be monitored to see if your website is offering good quality information that they find useful. For example, bounce rates, where by Google knows if a visitor to your site just visits one page or not is widely believed to be an important seo ranking factor.

12)  You should therefore aim as a priority to make sure that the information offered on your site is of good quality first and foremost, then you open the opportunity to naturally build links, as people may like your work, and may want to link to it.

13)  You should aim to build backlinks from websites that are based within the same country that you would like to do business within, for example say you are a dental practice, looking to gain customers within the U.K, you should look to gain backlinks from .co.uk dental websites.

14)  Sometimes you may want to also gain links from .com websites, as these can also be U.K businesses, if you are in doubt do contact a reputable SEO consultant or seo agency for more advice.

15)  One of the best ways to earn backlinks is to offer high quality content marketing work to a website owner, this is so that you can earn a backlink from the article you have written.

16)  Anchor text is also a very important consideration for your seo agency, make sure that you use an agency that knows how to correctly use anchor text.

17)  Too much anchor text that uses keywords that you want your website to rank for, can also be harmful to your seo strategy, Google may believe you are trying to manipulate its algorithm. For example, if you run an internet marketing business within Cardiff, you should not use anchor text over and over again that contains the words “internet marketing Cardiff” for example. Anchor text should therefore be naturally written, it should be useful to the person following the link, and you should use white hat seo methods.

18)  Anchor text is simply the clickable text than you click on that then takes you to another website, so for example, say you are looking on a website for how to cook a luxury fruit cake, the website’s author may want to link to a supermarket to show you where they purchased the ingredients for this cake, this is a useful link, so the anchor text may simply read “this is where I purchased my cake ingredients from”.

19)  Choose your Seo agency very carefully, that’s because some agencies may try and build a load of low quality backlinks quickly- this may then harm your website over the long run, deleting low quality backlinks or removing their negative effect, can take considerable time and money.

20)   Use an seo consultant that understands white hat methods of seo- make sure that they are committed to only building high quality and relevant backlinks.