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Why invest?

As most business owners will be aware of, more and more people are purchasing goods and services online.

The question has therefore switched from why invest in seo, to which seo agency can offer the best service.

Google uses over 200 pieces of information gained from each website in order to calculate a websites overall seo strength. The pieces of information used to calculate a websites seo strength are called “ranking signals”.

To overtake a competitor, in terms of climbing Google’s ranks, your website must display superior ranking signals.  

In a nutshell therefore, the businesses placed at the top of Google will have the strongest ranking signals for that particular keyword.


How long does the process take?

Businesses will never stop competing for the top spot within Google. The difference in terms of sales for businesses that are ranked among the top three businesses within Google, and those business ranked at the bottom are often vast.

This means that agencies like Top Space, never stop implementing work for our clients.

The process therefore never has an end point, unless the business decides that it no longer wishes to gain business through the search engines.


How do your seo services cost?

Cost is dependent on the level of competition, and also the location. For example, it is much easier to rank a electrician high in Google, that is based within a small village.

However getting a business that operates in a highly competitive business sector, such as a divorce solicitor to the top of Google in a major city like Cardiff is much more difficult.

The monthly fee is therefore calculated on the basis of how strong your competitors are.


Once my website reaches the top of Google, will it stay there?

Ranking positions change all the time. Sometimes the changes are rather minor, which means a business many move up or down a few positions over the course of a week.

However, sometimes major algorithm changes can take place meaning that sometimes a website is penalised for using low quality methods. That is why business owners should choose their next seo agency carefully.

If a business decided to cease its seo investment, then your competitors may gain stronger ranking signals and therefore overtake your business.   


Why do I have to pay monthly?

Most agencies, including Top Space charge a monthly fee to receive our seo services. We can then allocate a time allocation to allow our team to strengthen your websites ranking signals.


What’s stopping our business from just carrying out our marketing inhouse?

Many businesses are increasingly bringing their seo requirements inhouse. However, Google’s algorithm does not stay the same for very long, there are always adjustments, updates and sometimes major changes that are being made to the algorithm.

A lot of businesses therefore prefer to invest in an agency, like Top Space, who have the resources to study such changes that Google have made, and to then implement work accordingly.


How we can help

Quality focused search engine optimisation need not cost the earth. We can offer quality focused online marketing strategies for less than you might think.