Having high quality back links can mean the difference between page one rankings or page ten on Google. So any good SEO agency worth their weight in gold will look at the strength of a clients back links when they start any new online marketing strategy.


For small ranking differences just a small number of high powered links sending “link juice” can mean that a website starts rank highly in the SERP’s. That’s if the industry has low competition, for highly competitive industries, such as trying to rank on the first page of Google in London for seo terms, you will need many link’s, sometimes reaching the thousands of links.


This is why our consultant’s focus so heavily on only building high quality links for clients, as they are a key ranking signal Google looks for when working out where to rank a website in the SERP’S. We are based in South Wales and we build back links for small businesses, and also large businesses, we build links that are Google Penguin friendly, and high in quality.


We will now look at how Google’s algorithm and how Google’s Penguin updates work out if a backlink is high powered or not.


Remember that links can help rankings, but they can also damage rankings, that’s if the links are poor in quality.


Relevance of the Back link 


Some marketing agencies must look at the relevance of a back link to work out if it good for seo or not. There is no point building links that are not relevant. For example you run a marketing business, but the links you have are from a football websites, the link’s will then be non-relevant.


For example a search engine optimisation business will not links from respected sources like Search Engine Land or Moz. These will help rankings.


Therefore getting links from a cake company to an seo company will not help!




The links must be from a trusted source. That means that the source is well respected.


For example, say a company was a construction company, they would want to obtain back links from sources that are respected in the construction world.


So the “link equity” that is passed through the link, must come from a trusted website. Low quality websites, using spammy link building practices are most likely to damage rankings.


Google’s Penguin and other spam fighting algothim updates are often used to stamp out low quality link building.


Sends traffic


A quality back link should send traffic, that traffic could come from social media, or another website. This traffic is sometimes called organic traffic, meaning it comes from the search engine results. Direct traffic is traffic coming from a user who knows your web address and type’s it directly into the web browser, such as Google Chrome.


The aim will be to get a web visitor to visit the website and often purchase or use the companies services. This means the conversion rate is increased. This is the overall aim of any good agency or freelancer.


If the link passes the wrong sort of web traffic, i.e not relevant, this could increase a websites bounce rates. A high bounce rate could mean that website could be ranked lowly by Google. This means that the site visitor will be unlikely to find the information that they want.

For example a person looking for a particular book, if the organic traffic take’s them to a website that sell’s many books, but not the book they want, they are likely to bounce off the website, and back into the SERP’S.




The source of the information is very important. Google will look at a websites back link profile, poor quality links, with poor anchor text it terms of the text being over optimised could mean low rankings.




Paid or not paid


It’s strongly advised never to pay for back links. Google is very clever at knowing if back links have been bought or not.


A back link that has been bought could be considered to be poor quality seo.


Anchor text


Never over optimise the anchor text of  back link too much. Use a mixture of naturally written anchor text, product / service descriptions and branded anchor text, i.e the companies name.


In the text?


Back links that come in massive clumps of other back links could be considered spammy in some circumstances by Google’s algorithm.


So naturally write a back link into the content marketing.


Comment spam


At the end of a quality article, say on a newspaper site, you may see people commenting. Commenting just to place a link is called comment spam.


Comment spam is a form of low quality seo.


How we can help 


We are based within Cardiff, we can perform the type’s of tasks a consultant or agency would in order to secure better website rankings.


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