We think that some providers of online marketing are not that transparent in what they do. Some companies may even use methods that are poor in quality, that could therefore harm a websites ranking performance.


Companies who use such poor practice could be using poor quality link building or poor quality content marketing for example. These sorts of poor methods will mean that a website could incur a penalty. Penalties like Google Penguin penalties or Google Panda penalties could be costly to correct and mean a websites rankings suffer.


So to learn SEO the write way, that’s to use white hat online marketing in correct way, you need to know how to send positive ranking signals to Google’s algorithms. We therefore offer our consultants knowledge to you for free here. We hope whether you own a small business or a large one, that the information contained will help your search engine optimisation campaign to flourish.



Our vision


Our vision is offer cost effecting digital marketing solutions to all sizes of businesses across the whole of Europe.


We also have a vision of helping to eliminate poor quality search engine optimisation, we believe this can be achieved by educating customers as to what constitutes towards poor quality seo, so that they can make an informed decision.


How we achieve this


We provide for our clients high quality back links and content marketing by only using experienced consultants which are based within Cardiff.


We also offer high quality advice on our website for non customers to read and learn the latest search engine optimisation techniques. So do check back on a regular basis, as we aim to keep our methods as up to date as possible.


How we are different


We are very different because we only use the best methods, which means our customers rankings are subject to less volatility.


What is SEO: how can it help my business?

A quick guide to seo

Seo overview for small businesses

How does Google rank websites?

 The seo checklist

 A Glossary of seo terms


How to choose keywords for Seo

How many keywords should my website target?

How to use keywords on your website

How to assess the competition for a keyword

 How should a business use Google’s Keyword Tool?

Back Links

General backlink tips & advice (Quality matters!)

Why are back links so important for Google’s algorithm and for SEO?

What make’s a back link good or bad?

How many back links does my website need?

How should I earn back links for my website?

 Why people will want to link to your website (Natural link building)

The types of websites that you do not want to earn back links from

Should my business buy backlinks for SEO gain?

 Do I really need to linkbuild to get onto the first page of Google?

Should You Exchange Links With Other Businesses?


On site Seo

What is off-site Seo?

How to optimise your homepage

Landing Page optimisation

Internal link optimisation

Page Title Optimisation

Image Optimisation

Common on-site optimisation mistakes

How to use your blog section of your website to help search engine optimisation

How link building can help accelerate a page rankings

How can I quickly optimise my website for better rankings?

How do you get onto the first page of Google?

Website & Content

 Does your website really deserve to be ranking high in Google?

 What makes a website high quality or low quality?

Why more good quality content marketing can only be a good thing

Google Local

Local SEO advice

Google+ Local – why should a small business owner use this?

How To Add Your Business To Google+ Local

Citations For Local SEO

Reviews For Local SEO


 How to check where your website is ranking in Google

Why some seo agencies overstate what they can deliver

Google Penalties and what causes them

 How a small business can outwit larger companies

 Does the speed of a website, i.e the hosting companies speed affect seo?

Is it really worth doing seo in-house?

 Why it’s worth using an agency or a consultant

You Don’t Need To Submit Your Website To Search Engines

How To Increase Traffic To Your Business’s Blog

What Is Social SEO?