This is the million-dollar question many business owners ask themselves.

It can also often determine the financial success of business just by where they located within Google’s search results.

 How do I get my website to rank higher locally?

Local Seo involves altering the ranking signals on-site and off-site to better promote a website within search.

Often businesses gain confidence within this process and then expand their website out into neighbouring regions also.

The main ways that Seo companies use to get a website to rank higher are through the following methods. It’s important to remember that if you get stuck we are a reputable company based in Cardiff which can help you.

Content marketing

Often Seo agencies and freelancers alike, use quality content marketing methods to target keywords through on-site seo.

This will allow a website to increase its relevance and possibly its accuracy in terms of answering questions that are asked to the search engine.

This can increase the websites visibility in search

Link building

Link building involves building high quality links that flow to a page or a websites main domain. They can send what is called link juice which is also referred to as link equity to a website.

This can increase a websites authority and therefore increase its visibility within search.

So for example imagine you run a dental practice for a second, then you publish a new article giving information on how to clean your teeth using a new product.

If this article was then to be recognised by leading dental publications online as being good guide for such a procedure, then they may then link to this publication made by the dentist.

Relevant and high quality links stemming from authorities in the dental industry then promote this particular page within search. This is called the transfer of link juice to a website or page and increasing its authority.

There are also other specialist methods of increasing websites visibility locally.

Such as using business citations which consist of NAP information. Nap stands for name of the business, address of the business, and phone number of the business listed within quality directories.

How do I get my website to appear higher nationally?

How you optimise a website nationally is in a similar way to how you optimise a website locally just much more amplified and more of a complicated process.

So for example you need much more content marketing and many more quality links for a website to rise on a national basis within search.

We can undertake national Seo for our clients even when the industry is very competitive. For a quote on our Seo services why not give us a call today?

What else can affect ranking positions?

We believe these are the areas that can affect ranking positions of a website.

The competitiveness of the industry

How competitive your industry is will determine how easy it is to rank for any given keyword.

So for example it is easier to rank for a niche industry, on a national basis such as the demolition industry. Yet it is much harder to rank naturally for a much more competitive keyword like cosmetic dentists for example.

The competitiveness of the keywords

Although you may operate in a certain industry you may only wish to target certain keywords due to marketing budget restrictions.

Therefore you may recognise that certain keywords are too difficult to rank for, so you choose to rank for easy keywords instead.

Another consideration is the keywords that you wish to rank for.

For example it may be easier to rank for cosmetic dentist on a national basis than it would be to rank for national emergency dentists for example.

What sort of search engine optimisation business should I collaborate with to achieve results?

You need to choose a respected and quality driven search engine optimisation business like Top Space Seo

How can your business help mine?

We can help with all aspects of Seo, so get in contact with us today.