Autodraw and Google


At Top Space our consultants are primarily interested in Seo developments, however from time to time certain tech innovations catch our eye.

One that caught our eye this week was a newspaper article that detailed Google’s launch of Autodraw.

Autodraw is a neat and fun drawing tool, it takes our ham-fisted drawings and then it can transform them into a great neat picture. This we think is rather cool, say for example you couldn’t find an image to suit your latest blog post, no problem at all, go on over to AutoDraw and then make a picture there.

Why were your Seo’s so captivated?

We were fascinated because these programs may appear rather basic at first, but really behind the scenes  they a complex mesh of AI, that represents what the future has in store.

We say future because the program uses a certain element of AI in order to work, this means the AI in this program is so clever it can check the image, see that your drawing and suggested a beautifully designed version. Yes, you got it right it’s the start of AI working alongside us to help with our everyday tasks.

How has AI got anything to do with SEO?

Google has already stated that it uses a ranking signal called RankBrain, now this was no small deal because Google’s Rankbrain is in fact a very important ranking signal indeed.

It’s thought by many seo agencies to be the incorporation of AI technology to form more accurate search results.

Also many seo consultants believe that RankBrain is used to look at user behaviour, this means that if hundreds, or even millions of visitors bounce off your sites page for a certain keyword, well this may just mean that your site doesn’t best help the visitor.

However, on the other hand if a website that lands on the site and they go on to purchase, or end the search there this site is likely to be classed as offering the best information because its fulfilled the search query.

So how does SEO, Rankbrain and Autodraw have anything to do with each other?

Google is investing in AI technology, but AI needs to be fed with information for it to work. Many agencies, including us at Top Space within Cardiff, believe that AI is being fed by our very interaction with the search results.

Also, have you ever used one of those Google spam filters? The one that makes you click on say 3 store fronts? Well, by clicking the pictures that display three storefronts we believe we are feeding the AI technology.

Google’s AI has millions or billions of people who are confirming what a store front looks like, or which website best answers “who’s the best seo agency” for example, from this information it can compute the data, and then feed the results into its algorithm, thus causing ranking flux and websites which go up and down the rankings.

This is why we think the future of seo is exciting.