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We are a renowned white hat seo agency  


From the outset our seo company has strived to be different. Where countless agencies profit from jargon, as well as using methods that cut corners, we offer a different kind of service altogether.

We believe passionately that quality matters. We also know from our vast experience built up over the years, that Google rewards businesses that implement quality seo work.

Therefore, the more thought, care and knowledge that can be poured into an seo strategy the better.

At Top Space we therefore work diligently at creating white hat seo strategies that we are proud to put our name to.

This is why we are trusted to deliver for many respected brands.


At Top Space we believe that quality and honesty truly matter, and these two principles guide everything that we do


What makes us Top Space?



Most business owners appreciate the fact that any seo agency, based anywhere, can take a business to the top of Google.

The real skill however is in holding that business high in Google for a sustained period of time, whilst also avoiding a penalty.

Many agencies therefore use automated methods, which can cause a website to rise to the top of Google.

However, if the methods used are deemed to be flouting Google’s rulebook, then the website will drop like a lead balloon back down.

Sometimes it can take a while for the algorithm to detect low quality work. In the meanwhile, some agencies are happy to sit back and reap the profits.     

Our experienced team will not use any optimisation methods which are automated. We only use the best methods (white hat), which are widely accepted as best practice.


We work with businesses of all sizes. We predominantly work with businesses that are based within Cardiff, and the South Wales region.

Our seo services are both affordable, and offered on a monthly basis.


We work with a wide range of Welsh businesses. We are trusted to deliver by both large and small businesses.

 We take businesses higher online starting from £220.00 PCM

Increase your businesses presence online | Packages range from £220.00 to £2000.00 + pcm


Save money with us!

Do not pay over the odds. We offer packages that start from £220.00 per month (always white hat).

Be found online much easier

Organic and local Cardiff Seo can help your business to draw in more customers. We are white hat seo experts.


Every minute counts

We ensure that we devote our time and energy into using the latest white hat methods. 

Affordable fixed priced packages

What’s surprising when you choose Top Space is our low pricing 
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We keep up to date

The SEO world moves very fast indeed, but so do we! 

Online marketing services that are worth shouting about! 

We can offer content marketing, organic and local seo, link building services, and a whole lot more.  

We can offer you the following services

  • Bespoke content marketing

  • High powered backlinks

  • Website audit’s

  • Keyword Research

  • Local online marketing services

  • Social media optimisation

  • Online marketing & strategy formulation

  • Fixed monthly prices from £220.00 pcm

  •  Google My Business and Places optimisation

  • Social Media Management Services

  • Strategic planning

  • New website intensive seo packages

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 What exactly is SEO?


There are many businesses out there that are well aware that their direct competitors are currently investing in the seo process. This may have spiked the business owners interest, yet they may not understand what the seo process involves.

At Top Space we pride ourselves on offering technical seo advice, which is delivered in an uncomplicated and easy to understand manner.

Below we have split the seo process into four main sections, this is so that our potential clients can understand how we implement our marketing strategies.

Audit and competitor research

Google employs a clever piece of code, which Google has named “Googlebot”. It’s Googlebot’s full-time job to spot changes that have been made to a website. This information is then fed into Google’s rather complex algorithm.

The algorithm is nothing short of a mathematical code. The algorithm is then used to calculate the weight of each of the websites ranking signals.

Ranking signals can be anything backlinks, right through to meta descriptions.

Google is thought to calculate the strength of over 200+ ranking signals per website.

These ranking signals are calculated in terms of their strength, the websites with the strongest signals therefore rank highest.

SEO agencies like Top Space therefore conduct audits on the competition to workout how tough it would be to break through and reach the first page of results.

For example, if the competition have hundreds of good quality backlinks, then it can often take a great deal of time to reach the first page of Google.

Local or Organic SEO?

Most seo companies split their service offering into four broad categories, they are as follows:

·        Paid (Google Adwords)

·        Organic

·        Local

·        Social media advertising

Top Space primarily focuses on offering organic and local seo.

On-site seo

Once we have been informed which form of search engine optimisation our client would like to invest in, we can start to write an on-site seo strategy.

This means that shortly after writing a strategy, our team will begin work on strengthening the on-site ranking signals.

These signals can range from optimising meta titles, right through to alt-tag optimisation.

Onsite seo therefore means strengthening a websites ranking signals that are contained within the website itself.

Off-site seo

Offsite seo relates to all the signals that are off-site. Some of the most well-known off-site ranking signals are backlinks, and also optimising the websites NAP information for example.

Why use an agency to do this work?

Many companies carry out seo inhouse, however Google’s algorithm receives regular and sometimes major changes. It is generally thought that agencies, such as Top Space, are best placed to keep on top all those changes.   

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We can completely manage your businesses digital marketing requirements. We can offer link building services, through to professional content marketing, we are the experts. Do not compromise.      




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We collaborate with Top Space when our client’s launch new websites. We find their service offering vast and their technical support integrates with our business beautifully – Grooveland Designs


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